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Adapting to change.

That's what the Bustin family has been doing for years.  For more than a century, we’ve handed down our business traditions and ethics from one generation to the next. That’s why we continue to grow. We pay careful attention to your unique and changing design needs.

Bustin Old Building Our story began in May 1905 when Chas L. Bustin and Sam Withers opened Bustins & Withers' in the Lordly Building, at 99 Germain Street .  They made a commitment to offer a wide selection of fine quality furniture and highly personalized service. Their slogan said it all: "Furniture built up to a standard, not down to a price."

Bustin later became sole owner of the business, operating under the name of Chas. L. Bustin Furniture until his death. His nephew, Stanley Bustin Sr., took over in 1927 and our store continued to grow under a new name - Bustin's Fine Furniture Ltd.

In 1948, Stanley Bustin Jr. bought the business from his father. A hard worker who valued honesty, Stanley made the name Bustin’s a household name throughout Atlantic Canada for quality furniture and dependable personal service.

More changes followed. Stan’s sons, Tom and Bob, became president and vice president respectively in 1986. They decided the store should have coordinated room settings to display furniture the way you would in your own home. They also began offering decorating advice to help you create the atmosphere you want in your office or home.

Today, four generations on from our humble roots, Bob is the sole owner and president of Bustin’s. We continue to evolve, keeping pace with trends to offer you the best home furnishing lines in Atlantic Canada. We also remain focused on craftsmanship and quality. It’s more than our niche; we’ve built our reputation on it.

Our promise to you at Bustin's Fine Furniture is that we will continue to meet your need for high quality, affordably priced furnishings for generations to come. We invite you to visit our store and browse our tastefully appointed showrooms. You'll never regret buying Bustin’s quality.